Shopping Cart with Product Images

Add Images with the Product Names in the Shopping Cart Box.

Any queries please contact me.


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categories and products on one page (cap)

Wenn in einer Kategorie sowohl Unterkategorien vorhanden sind, als auch Produkte, die der Kategorie direkt zugeordnet sind, werden im Standard-OScommerce nur die Produkte angezeigt. Die Unterkategorien sind dabei nur in der Kategorienbox zu sehen.

Mit dieser Änderung werden sowohl die Unterkategorien als auch die Produkte gleichzeitig angezeigt.

Zur näheren Erläuterungen bitte die angefügten Bildschirmkopien ansehen.

If sub-categories and products exists in one categorie, only the products are shown. The sub-categories are only shown in the category box.
With this contribution the sub-categories and the products are both shown at the same time.

For details take a look at the screenshots

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jQuery Banner Rotator

there was an error in the second fuction file as the banner did not work.
it did not store the banner group name in the configuration file but the id number.
Now i changed the following line in the second fuction file

$banner_class_array[] = array(‘id’ => $banner_class['banners_id']),


$banner_class_array[] = array(‘id’ => $banner_class['banners_group']),

and now it works
sorry for the problems

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View Counter

- Added code to prevent duplicate entries in the ignore list.
- Added a delete button to the block country section to allow deleting blocked entries.
- Changed database install file so it works with
- Changed the country blocking module to use curl if fopen won’t work on the server.
- Fixed a problem with the refresh code in shops.
- Fixed a problem with how the ignore list was created. Some IP’s would not return as valid.

This is a full package.

The support thread is located at:

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jQuery/Ajax Advanced Caching System 2.3.3

This Add-On will greatly improve page load time for your shop. Instead of reloading the entire page every time the customer clicks on a link, it only requests the essential parts like updating bodyContent, categories and the best sellers boxes.

If you have enabled Cache-Control on your server, then most of the pages will only require 1 request instead of 20-50.

Moreover, the client browser will cache the visited pages with the jQuery .data() method. If a customer press the back/forward button or clicks an already visited link, then the page will load from browser cache and require no requests from the server.

This Add-On will also implement a server side caching system, using either PHP_APC User Caching if available on your server (Recommended) or otherwise fall back to native file caching.

To simplify reading the information stored in the page parse time log (page_parse_time.log), I have included an Admin Widget that uses jQuery flot (, similar to the revenue graph included with osCommerce, to create a line chart with mean value of your server’s page load time per hour.

– Support for and tested on osCommerce
– Tested successfully on Google Chrome, Firefox and IE9
– Compatible with jQuery 2.0.3
– Tested successfully with MySQLi
– jQuery/Ajax Page Load
– jQuery Client Caching
– 71 optional CSS 3 Page Transition & Animation Effects
– Server Caching
– Page Parse Time Admin Widget
– PHP_APC Caching Support
– Back/Forward Browser Button Support with history.js
– SEO friendly – Shop should be unaffected for bots

– Screenshots included in package

Forum Support Link:


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Zoho LiveDesk

This module adds the Zoho LiveDesk chat widget to your site.

With Zoho LiveDesk you can instantly connect to your customers and deliver instant support

Why LiveDesk?

In LiveDesk, you can customize the chat window color, text, logo, icons, input fields (Name, Email, contact number) and many more.

In the era of real-time communication and instant-everything, customers expect a prompt answer to their questions. With its neat web interface, Zoho LiveDesk allows agents to pick customer chat requests and help them to solve their problems instantly thorugh LiveSupport.

You can easily create, configure and customize your LiveDesk within minutes, Embed the customizable chat widgets into your website and provide a personalized Support experience to your customers.

Our Features

Chat Embed Customization
Support Customers from your Mobile Devices
Gaze into the future and see what your customers type as they type it and magically make custom solutions appear before they ever hit submit
Zoho LiveDesk Integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Support
Powerful Reporting
Advanced organizational features, which includes departments.
Chat transfer and Monitor
Categorized Canned Messages
IP Blocking
Agent roles
Business hour

Download Zoho LiveDesk plugin now and sign up here for a free account here:

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V2.3.3.4 FR V1 pack

Traduction FR de la version
Partie installation
Partie boutique
Partie administration

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Virtual Agent ASKOM

Keep your visitors on your website, decrease your bounce rate !

Automated chat available 24/7, no human presence is needed. Your visitors ask everything to your virtual assistant !

+ Reduce your costs of customer relationship contact
+ Decrease your bounce rate
+ Humanize your website

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Customer Checkout Blacklist

Update the install instructions to correct for incorrect filename, and location of the filenames.php file.

Thanks to Digibooks for spotting this.

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Contribution Tracker

Contribution Tracker for osCommerce 2.2 v1.7.19

This version incorporates some fixes to handle a broken RSS feed. It also incorporates the German language translation from amaische.

osC 2.3.x users should use , which incorporates the v2.3 fixes by amaische and an installation guide specific to v2.3.

Support thread:

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