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PayPal Payflow

I modified the code slightly in order to send the state abbreviation instead of the two letter truncation of the state name (i.e "Georgia" used to be "Ge" when it should be "GA").

This bug was discussed at http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/388458-paypal-advanced-paypal-payflow/page-2

This is a full package

By the way, this fix doesn’t prevent a customer from misspelling a state… to prevent this you can install DHTML State Selection for 2.3.1 to make sure customers pick/spell States correctly. You can find it here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8028

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eComCharts Analytics Plugin

eComCharts Sales Map report will provide graphical interactive reports with high class visualization of your Sales using MAP and Drill down to from State to City level

check demo here

Display Interactive Map with State wise sales revenue and quantity
Click on State will show drill down chart of all cities within the state
Easy to use calendar to select period of reporting
Revenue and No. of orders
Also show information in tabular format at the bottom

*Note: Report based on Delivery Country/States/City.
*State/region code name should be An uppercase ISO-3166-2 or its English text equivalent (for example, “US-NJ” or “New Jersey”).

Installation Instructions: http://www.ecomchart.com/installation-instructions/

For anu support email at: support@ecomcharts.com

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Shopping List

Fixed several bugs and updated the manual.See the support thread for more information.

Still a full package.

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OSC2.2 MS2A conversion to OSC 2.3.4


There was an error in the file


It created fields to match MY database (which had some modifcations still installed).

It caused this

"SQL query:
INSERT INTO my_product_images SELECT * FROM products;

MySQL said:
#1136 – Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1 "

IF THIS STILL OCCURS now you will need to check your PRODUCTS table against the fields in the CLEAN INSTALL
as you SHOULD be using the COPIED database as per the READ_ME.pdf file

BJ Chadduck

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smsCommerce – SMS notification & SMS marketing

SMS module compatible with osCommerce 2.3.x.x released! smsCommerce module allows you to send SMS (text messages) to customers or administrators during various events in your osCommerce store.

Improve customer service and notify customers via SMS to establish greater levels of trust. Deepen the relationship with your customers and build a stronger customer loyalty with the help of SMS marketing. Loyal customers tend to buy more & more regularly. And they will frequently recommend your e-shop to others. More customers = higher sales…!

No integration costs, no monthly fee, no minimum spend is required. You pay only for outgoing SMSs. With smsCommerce module you can send SMSs worldwide. Our prices are among the lowest in the market.


- Send text messages to customers or administrators during various events in your osCommerce store. System automatically recognizes your custom order statuses!
- Activation/deactivation of all events independently on each other.
- Customization of SMS text for all events, possibility to use variable fields. For example, creating an account the following can be used: {customer_id}, {customer_email}, {customer_lastname}, {customer_firstname}, {shop_domain}, {shop_name}, {shop_email} and {shop_phone}
- Multi-lingual versions of SMS text (If you ship your goods worldwide, you can notify your customers in each country in their national language)
- Multiple admin support (useful for large online stores with more administrators, who have separate responsibilities).
- Possibility to select one or more administrators for each event.
- Multiple sender types (Text sender ID, Own mobile number or System number).
- Possibility to select different sender type for each country (if available).
- Customization of a Text sender ID for each country (11 characters max, which appear in place of the phone number).
- Customization of an Own mobile number for each country. Mobile phone number validation is required.
- SMS marketing with advanced filter options. Sending bulk text messages, similar to a newsletter, enables effective targeting to desired customer groups. This gives you a great tool for running an advertisement campaign, announcing the release of a new product, distributing discount coupon codes etc.
- Sending bulk SMS from a CSV file.
- SMS opt-out possibility for a customer in the shopping basket. Admin has an option to set whether SMS opt-out will be displayed to a customer in the shopping basket.
- SMS charging. Admin has an option to define the price for SMS sending. Price is displayed to a customer in the shopping basket.
- SMS history with filters (event, date, recipient, content, delivery statuses, SMS price in credits, total number of SMSs, Sender ID).
- History of SMS answers received from customers.
- Statistics with filtering options.
- Simulation mode. Allows to test SMS sending during various events in osCommerce without actually sending them to recipients. SMS are displayed in SMS history with a special status.
- Unicode characters are supported (Unicode allows you to enter characters in all fonts and various symbols simultaneously. Unicode is used for Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Cyrillic, etc. or diacritic in the text of your SMS message).
- Automatic conversion of customer´s mobile number to an international format.
- SMS delivery report to an e-mail address.
- Credit account management directly from the module (credit account state, low credit alert setting, credit purchase).
- API for connecting an external application to smsCommerce module (see file api.php in module folder). We have added also three examples of testing scripts (see files api_test.php; api_test2.php; api_test3.php).
- STOP SMS (contact us for details).

You don´t need to register on any portal or website. All administration is in the module!

English, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Slovak and Serbian





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If price = 0.00 dont display price (Update)

For osCommerce – – 2.3.4

If the product price is 0.00, you can use this modification to place some text.

Open: includes/classes/currencies.php

and find :

function display_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity = 1) {
return $this->format($this->calculate_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity));

Replace with:

function display_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity = 1) {
if ($products_price > 0.01)
return $this->format($this->calculate_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity));
return ‘HERE YOUR TEXT’;

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Nivo Slider for osCommerce v2.3.4

Módulo de Nivo Slider para osCommerce 2.3.4
Nivo Slider Module for osCommerce v2.3.4

Leer las instrucciones del archivo: "01 – Instrucciones.txt"
Read the instructions in the file: "01 – Instrucciones.txt"

Captura de Pantalla adjunta
Screenshot attached

Probado en Chrome y Firefox
Tested in Chrome and Firefox

Cualquier comentario a: rembertus@gmail.com
Any comments to: rembertus@gmail.com

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Canned Order Comments 2.0 – for OSC 2.3


This mod allows you to preconfigure as many canned order update comments as you like, that are then available in a pulldown menu on the admin orders page.

All comments can be amended or deleted via the page linked in under ‘localization’ options.

tested on OSC

screenshot included!

based on: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6633

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Launch your referral campaign virally. Boost your sales upto 3X with our new hybrid marketing channel. Run your personalized, easy to integrate fully automated referral program.
Visit http://refiral.com/ for more information.

After signing up follow the guide : http://refiral.com/plugins/oscommerce/

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