Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2

Corrected version of contribution. I’ve checked the install instructions against osCommerce 2.3.4. Corrected language files for admin side and payment module. Included corrected version of the payment module which includes the card validation class required as part of the file.

Entire contribution is included. If you have already installed this contribution in osCommerce version 2.3 or later I recommend replacing all of the files included in the contribution with the ones contained in this posting just to be sure you have the current versions of all of the files.

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Alteracao no modulo do pagseguro para funcionar na versao 2.2ms2

Fazer o download da ultima versao (Versão: 1.2) do modulo do pagseguro

Alterar o arquivo pagseguro.php (fica dentro do includes/modules/payment/ )

Alterar na linha 521


Fazer o download da versão do oscommerce 2.3.4:

Transferir o arquivo version.php que está dentro de includes para a sua loja, também dentro da pasta includes.

(ou você pode criar um arquivo com o nome "version.php" e escrever no arquivo somente "2.3.4" sem aspas.

Só isso..

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checkout payment fix

This is built upon the work of Kevin Shelton and Brushwood. Thanks to both of them for their previous work. I modified the the placement of the TITLE_PLEASE_SELECT text constant, the Select icon, and the placement of the TEXT_SELECT_PAYMENT_METHOD constant so that the TEXT_SELECT_PAYMENT_METHOD constant does not start at the middle of the box and is not on the first line of the box. This places the TEXT_SELECT_PAYMENT_METHOD constant closer to the left. See the image in the zip file for their placement. There is an image of the modified screen included in the zip file.

Full package enclosed in zip. Added instructions for search and replace since only the complete file was given. This is useful for those who have modified checkout_payment files and need to change only the specified area layout. Simple search and replace of one section of the file. Please check your work and backup the file before you begin! If you find an error in my work, please contact me or update my instructions.

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Paymentwall payments

Paymentwall is an all-in-one global payments solution for digital goods and services that makes it easy to accept payments from customers in 200+ countries by providing localized payment options for every region and currency. With a single integration Paymentwall provides access to 120+ popular payment methods and can process all payment types including credit & debit cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards and mobile payments by SMS (direct carrier billing).
Paymentwall is for developers & engineers who want to expand their reach and monetize products globally. It’s fully PCI DSS compliant and provides a secure, seamless checkout experience for end users.

Key Features:
• Tokenization, shopping cart and recurring (subscription) billing features
• Fast, fully customizable integration and free developer support
• Fraud prevention and risk management tools
• 24/7 live customer support

To integrate Paymentwall with osCommerce, you’ll need a free Paymentwall merchant account.
Full Documentation: https://www.paymentwall.com/en/documentation/osCommerce/2539
Support: devsupport@paymentwall.com

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Product Availability Options for 2.3.1

This Contribution still works with little changes for 2.3.4

A Folder with new_files and changed_files for a new 2.3.4 Installation included, to compare with your code.

I also updated the Install.txt with the new code for 2.3.4

If you have this files already in your database, and upgrade your shop to 2.3.4 it is a good way, to use the old updated database to 2.3.4 standard and then install the contributions, you had before, or want to still use, with all your old date included.
I had OSC 2.2.MS2 with this contribution, and now I can still use the things in my database for this contribution, with the new code in a new 2.3.4 shop, without using the sql-file.

So if you have this already in your database, don´t use the sql-file und you can work with all your old settings in your database.

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Advanced TinyMCE

This is a fairly simple method off integrating the open-source wysiwyg editor, TinyMCE, into your osCommerce website. With this installation, rather than download the TinyMCE editor and hosting the files serverside, a C.D.N. will be used.
Successful Installation will allow you to:

Administer your product descriptions in style
Spiff up your banner managers textarea
* Add simple html elements to your admin order comments
* Addionally use basic simple html elements in your email tools
Give your reviews textarea a modern look with simple BBCode integration

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Google Analytics Enchanced eCommerce

Support thread is located here:

No changes to the code — just updated README file with support thread address

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Banners en categorias especificas

Adaptada, simplificada y mejorada contribucion para mostrar banners dentro de categorias.

Funciona en v. 2.3.X

Solo idioma español (instrucciones)

Muy simple, menos de 5 mint.

Fuente original: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2511

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Wholesale contact form + image upload

Wholesale contact form and/or contact form with image upload needed a way to verify that customer qualifies for wholesale (Tax ID) not hard to adapt for other uses.
Remember to install the new action recorder module in admin.


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German Language 2.3.4.

Es gab in der 1. Verion leider ein paar ¨ Probleme.

Ich habe das ganze nochmal durchgesehen.

Sollte jetzt komplett UTF-8 kompatibel sein, bis auf die Zahlungsmodule, die ich nicht verwende.

Bei den Zahlungsmodulen fehlt daher noch die deutsche Übersetzung.

Wer das braucht, bitte machen, und dann freudlicherweise für die Community hier eine Aktualisierung hochladen. ;-)

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